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“2015 Bib Gourmand”
– Micheline Guide

Starbelly’s Chorizo and Egg Pizza: It’s a universally acknowledged truth that pizza is a great idea when you’re hungover. Take it up a level from cold leftovers straight from the fridge while still in your underwear (though that has it’s benefits) and get to Starbelly. Their chorizo pie, $15, is topped with ample amounts of well spiced, house made sausage, runny eggs, and some fresh sprigs of cilantro. Bonus points if you can score a seat on their back patio; the fresh air will do you good. Regardless, you should absolutely go for a reviving morning cocktail, or a bracing draft of local brew.

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3583 16th St, San Francisco CA 94114
(415) 252-7500

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