Our Local Farmers

Mariquita Farms Mariquita Farm: Mariquita Farm (Mariquita means ladybug in Spanish) is a small family farm located near Watsonville, CA. They grow organic specialty vegetables, greens and herbs for Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) members in Santa Cruz County, Silicon Valley, Monterey, the Peninsula, and San Francisco and for many Restaurants in San Francisco.

Star Route FarmsStar Route Farms: Star Route Farms is the oldest continuously certified organic grower in California, and the owner, Warren Weber, has long been active in the organic industry as a past president of California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF), co-founder of the Organic Farming Research Foundation (OFRF), president of Marin Organic (MarinOrganic.org), and past vice-president of Marin Agricultural Land Trust.

Rancho GordoRancho Gordo: Featuring "New World Specialty Food," heirloom beans are the foundation of Rancho Gordo. There are hundreds of heirloom beans waiting to be discovered and Rancho Gordo aims to find them all. Rancho Gordo beans are grown in limited quantities to insure quality and more importantly, freshness. Additionally, they offer dried corn, chiles and chile powders,grains and rice, herbs and spices.

Trufflebert FarmsTrufflebert Farms: Nestled in the hills outside of Eugene, Oregon, these spring-fed Hazelnut trees currently produce an annual crop of just over 25,000 pounds. The size of the harvests allows Trufflebert Farms to focus on the overall quality of our product. In fact, they are the Hazelnut provider to premiere restaurants and grocers nationally.

Castro Farmers MarketCastro Farmers Market: Noe Street at Market is abloom with fresh fruits and vegetables every Wednesday night at the Castro Farmers' Market.

Happy Boys FarmHappy Boys FarmThe Happy Boys feature pre-washed baby lettuce leaves and baby vegetables to go into salads -- baby carrots, radishes, and cherry tomatoes. Their stand is an inviting display of huge wicker baskets brimming with baby mixed salad greens, arugula leaves, mesclun, baby red and green romaine, sweet baby lettuce mix, baby spinach, baby red chard leaves and many others.

Becker Lane Organic FarmBecker Lane Organic Farm: Becker Lane Organic Farm’s founding principles is the practice of good animal welfare. Pigs raised for organic meat must have access to the outside world and able to participate in their natural behaviors such as nesting. Becker Lane pigs only eat organic feed grown on the farm. Becker Lane Organic Farmers believe their products are good for nature, good for animal welfare, good for the economy and ultimately better tasting and safe to eat for the consumer.

Shelly's HerbsShelly's Herbs: This small family farm started with common and unique herb varieties. Over the years they have added heirloom tomatoes, peppers and more hens for eggs. They have always used sustainable practices. They do not use chemicals or commercial fertilizers on our crops. They use cover crops and on-farm compost for enriching the soil. They also don't add hormones or antibiotics to the hens feed. They raise their hens naturally and humanely.

Field to FamilyField to Family: Located in Petaluma, Field to Family is a family run business and farm offering all natural and organic chicken and game hens. Their birds enjoy a stress free environment, a natural diet, and plenty of space to run free. Their air chilling process, used in Europe for decade, results in superior flavor and tenderness.